Decluttering in Process: How to Stay Motivated (when cannot see the end)

Decluttering in Process: How to Stay Motivated (when cannot see the end)

     I’m doing decluttering of the house for around a month for now. I see there still months of work ahead, but what keeps me moving is that I can see tiny improvements in the house. Shelves became neater…well, not all but only those I have reached with tidying so far:-)

     I think the most difficult in decluttering is to keep staying motivated. In my case, I was accumulating clutter for years, so it will also take a while to tackle it all. Even though I try to do at least something every day to help my declutter move, I see the progress is still little. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed in the beginning, so I’d like to share what helps me to stay motivated.

  • Creating a mental picture of the final result (or you can even sketch it if you like!)

     Keeping final picture in mind helps me to understand what’s exactly I'm trying to achieve and what needs to be done. I imagine how shelves are neatly arranged with storage boxes containing only necessary things, kitchen is clean, kitchenware is nicely stored inside cupboards, wardrobe is times less filled than now and containing only my favorite clothing I enjoy to wear. Everything is not only convenient for use and cleaning, but also looks attractive. IKEA is a good inspiration when I need some ideas.

     The more space I release, the easier storage becomes. I noticed after I discard numerous things, I have space not only to put necessary things there but also add a beautiful touch like colorful flower (my favorite home accessory).

     Moving by little steps, I see that house becomes a bit closer to the picture in my mind, and of course it keeps me motivated.

  • Keep track of what’s been done

     Depends of the original situation with clutter, in the beginning it may really seem that whatever I do clutter does not reduce. But it does. That’s why making pictures “before” and “after” is really a great way to stay motivated. Picture shows how much I progress from original state, and it’s very inspiring to see. Keeping track of the progress is one of the major reasons I started DeclutterBlog and it works as a great motivation for me too.

     And what I would not recommend to do, just from my personal observation, is not to interrupt work in the middle. If decided to declutter, let’s say, a shelf or cupboard, start and do until the end. Problem is decluttering cannot avoid creating a big mess in the process when you remove all the things from the storage, sort them out what to leave and to discard, folding remaining or packing back. If you stop at the point after you removed all the things, even temporary, mess around will be a big demotivation. If time is limited but I’m still keen to do at least a bit of declutter at certain day, I usually break down the scope into smaller pieces, for example, tidy up only one shelf and not entire rack, but do it at one attempt from start to end. Well, not always I manage to do this, that’s why I know how demotivating it is to see a big mess around.

     But every time I finish, I have a feeling I became lighter…seriously, like I personally carried all the stuff kept on the shelves. And after that I usually gaze to the place I just tidied for several minutes with enjoy and cannot believe it might look so much better than it was! And this is the biggest motivation and reward I get after each declutter session.

How to Start Loving Housework?

     How to Start Loving Housework?

     It's not a universal guideline, but I just want to share what made me stop hating and start loving house work.

     I seriously used to hate it because I felt taking care of the house was too time consuming and exhausting. I'm working full time on weekdays and I hardly was able to do some housework only on Saturday morning when I had time. I tried to force myself to try doing something during weekdays as I felt our house is too messy, I tried to do some schedules and posted them for myself on display but was not able to stick to them and always have preference to other things instead of cleaning. I was explaining my lack of house care simply: I have no time as I have to work, after work I'm tired, and on weekends I need to have a rest before next working week.

     But once I realized two major things and it changed my mind. Now I rather enjoy taking care of the house. I just asked myself several questions and tried to find an answer:

  • What makes my housework so time consuming and exhausting?

     After some reading and reflecting I realized I cannot properly clean the house because it's very cluttered. Both me and my husband have tendency to store unnecessary things instead of discarding them. Got something unnecessary but in a good condition – put it to the shelf or storage box, but not throw. Over years we both accumulated so many belongings which we did not use but only kept, that there was no living space left. Everywhere where possible we had additional storage boxes, shelves and drawers were fully packed, and if we buy something, it was hard to find it good place to keep. If I decide to do a thorough cleaning, I would need to move lots of things around to reach all corners, what would be very hard so I never did. Every time I did just light cleaning around, but it was not enough. There was not much visual difference in the way house looked before and after the cleaning so I was not satisfied with results.

     Once I realized this, I launched big decluttering in the house. Step by step I check and discard surplus stash (pile of things at each session!), rearrange things that remain and enjoy seeing how much available space suddenly appear in our tiny unit. Unlike it was earlier, now I can't wait when I reach home and can proceed to that, purely because I'm able to see and enjoy results of house work.

  • Do I like our house’s surroundings? Do I enjoy being at home, am I able to relax and feel joy there?

     I started asking this question after I read a book “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo (KonMari). This book became my decluttering guideline and inspiration, and I recommend it for everyone interested in decluttering and home organization. I see many references to her method regarding folding clothing, but actually her method is way more deeper. Doing decluttering, we are not looking what to discard, but what to remain, only the things we need and love, which we enjoy to use and see around. Filling the house with things what you love will give you feel of comfort, enjoy and confidence. First this idea seemed weird for me until I tried and felt the result. Enjoying your dinner from the plate you love, cooking at the kitchen with cooking utensils making you enjoy, resting in the bed with your favorite beddings. Once house is filled only with things we love, we will start enjoying it and enjoy taking care or it.

     Once I tried this, I really started loving to be at home, and taking care of it does not seem to be so hard anymore. I wish everyone who does not enjoy housework to find their enjoy in it, and instead of coping start loving.

Decluttering: Office Workplace

     Decluttering: Office Workplace

     Yes, my tendency to store unnecessary messy things spreads to the office workplace too. I’m working for a few years in the same office and the same desk, so I have accumulated a few years storage!

     I’m very inspired by decluttering at home and want to do the same at work. I noticed that decluttering raises my standards. Earlier cluttered place was fine for me or maybe creating just little inconvenience. But now after I experienced how much better place can be when there is no clutter around and everything is arranged comfortably, how spacious place can suddenly become, how neat, tidy and easy to clean, I became less and less tolerant to the messy surroundings. My major decluttering battle is still going on at home where I have so much area for work. And enjoying how tidier my home becomes, I want to have the same enjoy at the workplace.

     My another incentive to declutter the workplace is tidy place really improves work efficiency. I do not have to spend time search for things and papers when I know where they are assigned to be. And I just believe tidy workplace looks professional and might have impact to the career growth (sure it’s not the only aspect but still). Being able to handle workplace indirectly shows that person is able to cope with their duties and workload, able to work efficiently. I really see a close connection between work efficiency and tidy workplace.

     At my working desk mainly I used to accumulate unnecessary and outdated papers, books and stationery. Papers and drawings are scattered around, books taking the space, sticky notes everywhere around, it looks like disaster!

Decluttering: Office Workplace

     I’m sure at work I don’t have to store any of those items at the desk as they are available at the company resources at any time I need.

     So it's time to tidy the place!

     As usual I check every single item and sort them all into categories. Mainly all the items at my workplace belong to any of the 3 categories: papers, stationery, books.

     Papers is the dominant category. I had to discard so many different outdated hardcopies and drawings!

     After discarding is done, shelve look quite empty, so much space was occupied unnecessarily! For remaining papers I allocated storage boxes dedicated for every project (all unnecessary papers are discarded and going for recycling), books will be donated to the library, and all the surplus stationary I returned back to the office stationary cabinet.

     This is the final result:

Decluttering: Office Workplace

     Now I have times much more space on the desk! Drawers also underwent decluttering and managed to fit all the necessary things I want them to keep. Now I can enjoy incredible feeling of space and tidiness around, exactly what I wanted!

Decluttering: Feeling Guilty Discarding Things

    Decluttering: Feeling Guilty Discarding Things

     I wonder am I only one feeling guilty and pity when trying to declutter the house? I noticed very often I feel so pity when I'm picking things to discard. Even though I do not have any special feelings about the thing and know I do not really have to use it, I may have a feeling of guilt for deciding to get rid of it.

     Maybe this is because of my natural tendency to store things. Over years I put aside things which I do not intend to use, put them deep into boxes, drawers, storages thinking I might use it one day. Finally I accumulated so many unnecessary things that I have no place to store anything else. Also clutter seriously affects my ability to take care and clean the house. It become extremely hard and time taking to move all the things and storages around just to clean.

     So recently my patience get exceeded and I decided to throw everything I don’t need and haven’t used for years. But when I see a pile of stuff prepared for discarding - yes, I have guilty feeling.

     Why is it so?

     One of the reasons is I have to discard lots of things in a good condition, just because they take space and I don’t use them anyway. How I managed to overcome this is to give a second life to those things: donate them to charity, sell, sometimes I bring some things to the office and pass to colleague willing to take them. Idea is to let someone else use it since I do not. Doing so calms my worries that I’m not making use of a good thing.

     Another reason making me feel pity during decluttering is that I realize how much I could have saved if I don’t buy that things. This was really awakening and make me reconsider my approach to shopping. If earlier I could buy some things I like in the store just to try or because I liked it (yes, impulsive buy), totally not thinking whether I really need it or not, then now I realize I really have absolutely EVERYTHING I need and my trips to the shops almost gone. I still may drop by a store but now I noticed every time I see something and a thought to buy it crawls to my head, I immediately think where and how I will store it, whether I already have any equivalent or substitute at home (sure I have!) and “Do I really need it?”. The last question usually resolves all my doubts and I leave the store without any purchase.

     Even though sometimes I have guilty feeling during decluttering, so far it never happened I really regret about anything discarded. To me it happened once I had thrown some small thing to which I couldn’t find a way to use and remembered soon when I might use it for storage, but I easily found an equal substitute and stopped regretting.

     So my observation is if thing was not used for a long time, if there is no actual intention to use the thing and it does not have any sentimental value making you feel good, it can be discarded. Ideas like “I might use it one day” at least for me do not work but only encourage clutter growing, so I consider those things unnecessary and part with them.

     Please let me know what are your feelings about decluttering! Is it easy for you or gives you pity feeling as well? Does decluttering make caring of the house easier? Feel free to comment below!


Decluttering: Living Room Shelves

Decluttering: Living Room Shelves

          Step-by-step I’m moving from the bedroom and starting decluttering in the living room! The first things I’m going to put hands on is this shelving cupboard:

Decluttering: Living Room Shelves

     This cupboard is at the most prominent area of the living room. This is what we see the first thing we enter the house. So I want to check all it’s content, discard unnecessary and properly arrange those things which we will remain and use.

     As usual I take out all the things and place them to the floor, and then check every single item whether we still need it. We used to keep different papers and documents here, so the cupboard was overloaded with papers. After me and my husband checked them all, we found a lot are outdated and pointless to keep any further. They are the perfect candidates for discarding, what actually we have done gladly.

     After throwing unnecessary papers I see cupboard is not so full anymore! It has a lot of room for storing remaining items.

    Next step is all the things are being sorted out into categories. I check whether they already have assigned storages for their category in other places in the house. If yes, then just relocate relevant items to their assigned storage. If storage place isn’t assigned yet, I will continue keep them in this cupboard. To make cupboard look neater, each category gets an individual storage box. I try avoiding mixing different category items in one storage box just for convenience.

     Once I sorted out all the things into the boxes, put them back into the shelf and see the result:

Decluttering: Living Room Shelves

     Cupboard looks much neater, and after a several days after I have decluttered this cupboard I can say it’s very convenient when you know where each item is kept. I don’t have to look for things because I know in which exactly storage box and which area it’s located.

     I added an artificial flower to the top of the cupboard to add some color to the interior and make cupboard area look more cosy. That’s it! And now it’s time of my favorite part of decluttering works – enjoy the result:-)


Decluttering & House Organizing: Increasing Life Success Chances?

Decluttering & House Organizing: Increasing Life Success Chances?

     For me it’s looks that ability to organize your own house is a sign that person is probably successful in life or has high potential to it. There are a few reasons what make me think like this, and I will be very happy to know your ideas about it.

     Thing is to have your house organized on a regular basis requires a number of qualities. Qualities I’m talking about are typically also required for building successful career, profitable business and even are very helpful in home and family life.

     None of the skills we have – especially professional skills - are given, we have to learn and practice them to achieve the result. That’s why I believe that whatever helps us to practice relevant skills will help us to get success in other areas where those skills are required as well.

     House organizing is a skill which being practiced by housewives for years. And I noticed there are a few qualities necessary for successful running the house, not different from running successful career.

  • Organizing house requires self-discipline

     One of the major things I realized needed for the house to be organized is to keep everything in its proper place. And firstly, everything must have it’s assigned place. I used not to care about this previously and ended up having a really messy house with things scattered in various storages. After realizing this housekeeping mistake, I started to group all things into categories and assigning dedicated places for storing each category and sticking to returning things to their dedicated places after use. This arrangement was one of the hardest in my house works as required proper planning to find the most appropriate location for each item. I’m still in progress with making this arrangement and can say it does require a lot of self-discipline for the novice to stick to that until it becomes a habit.

  • Ability to take decisions

     Particularly talking about house decluttering (since this is the subject of my blog and this blog post), I have to take a lot of decisions what things I need and intend to use, and what I do not have to keep any longer. Sometimes it takes for me a few rounds to confirm if I’m going to discard one or another thing being kept with no use sometimes for years.

     Running the house in general requires many-many more decision taking which I do not discuss in this blog post just to stick to the subject. But I’m sure each housewife can come up with her own long list how many decisions she has to take every day starting from planning meals to planning big purchases and family events.

  • Readiness for learning and experimenting

     Organizing the house requires lots of learning and experimenting. There are lots of hacks and tricks which each housewife has in her arsenal (learnt and tested on her own experience or from other sources) to run the house successfully.

  • Ability to find decisions that work

     Purpose of all the learning and experimenting is actually to find solutions which give the best results, allow to save time or budget and etc., in other words to find a way to organize the house the most effectively.

     In fact all these qualities are necessary for career, business and family life. If organizing the house allows to develop these qualities, I believe it will help in other aspects too.

     So this is the relation which I see between seemingly unrelated items. And in your turn please let me know your opinion. Does ability to run a house help you in other life aspects? Please feel free to comment below!

Decluttering: Unexpected Benefit

Decluttering: Unexpected Benefit

     I just recently started decluttering of the house, and noticed one unexpected benefit (tidier house does not count as it was the purpose of the decluttering). Unexpected was that my money spendings significantly reduced with no effort.

     How is it related?

     I started decluttering by second half of last month, and that month I discovered I managed to save around twice than I usually did in earlier months. My shopping trips almost gone except for groceries. I’m not keen anymore to buy some new clothing, accessories or make up. Previously I would buy some every week!

     And reason is quite simple: I realized how much stuff I have at home and how much I used to overspend. I spent a lot on items I don’t need or have substitutes at home.

    During undercutting I take out all the things from the place I’m going to tidy up, sort them out by categories and locate in dedicated storage places. When all the items of a category are stored together, I have a clear overview what exactly I have and how many items. What I noticed I have many repetitive items in my skincare, accessories, clothing category which I might not buy at all. Looking at my skincare storage boxes, I see many of them are actually redundant. I haven’t reached my makeup storage yet, but I can imagine home many repetitive lipsticks and eyeshadows I have there. And when I think that I have paid money for all the stuff I’m going to discard, I really become terrified. Many things were obviously bought impulsively, how much I could have saved!

     So no wonder after having a few decluttering session in the house for now (and still many-many more upcoming) and realizing how much money were spent unnecessarily, I absolutely do not feel shopping.

     Maybe I’m a little shocked with my discoveries but it’s definitely good for my budget to realize that and restrain from unnecessary shopping. First few weeks had brought so noticeable budget-saving results so I’m looking forward to see even better results this month.

     Am I going to stop shopping at all? Sure not. But I believe it will be of different quality now. I’m looking forward to continue my unexpected decluttering vs. savings experiment and see what good results it will be able to bring. And surely I continue getting rid of the things I do not need in the house!


Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     Finally I reached it! Bathroom storage is the one I was looking forward to declutter. We have very little available space in the bathroom, and most of it was occupied with my beauty and haircare products. I was sure many of them are not needed, but still wanted to have a closer look for taking decision.

     To make decluttering moving (because I really want to tidy up the house so much!), I split different areas into parts and declutter them when I’m able to find some time, mainly in the evenings after work and weekends. When I split a big job into smaller pieces, it allows me to move in baby steps and finally have a job done rather than keep delaying it. So I will start my bathroom decluttering from this bathroom shelf filled with different stuff.

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     As usual, I start sorting out all the things into categories. Here it’s cloth mask packs, liquid facial products (toners/creams/lotions/serums etc.), and haircare items.

     Ideally I prefer to keep each category in one spot in its dedicated container. So I got 3 containers assigned to these items. Mask packs fitted into one, for liquid facial products I had to use a bigger container to fit them all. And haircare products I put in another storage tray assigned to them. Many of the items from the shelf belong to other categories, so I relocated them to dedicated places assigned earlier. And since I assinged these 3 categories to be located at this shelf, I find all other related products stored in other spots and place them here too.

     There are some items which I have to discard. Mostly those are free trial skincare kits and samples. I will throw those which I do not plan to use. Flowers will not be thrown!:-)

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     And here it is, the final result!

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     Now it looks so much better in the bathroom.

     It’s actually not the final arrangement, I will have to return to the bathroom to declutter other areas and might change the places where I keep one or another category items. But moving forward step-by-step, I’m satisfied with this arrangement for now and will keep until next declutter session.

     I would like to add a few words how I feel about decluttering. I can say this is my favorite housework because of the dramatic results I see after each session. It’s not only that previously cluttered and messy space becomes tidier, but also it gives me some kind of relief feeling. I see and feel more space around, what makes me feel so good about it!

    And also I noticed some unexpected benefit from decluttering, which I'm going to discuss further.


How to Find Time for Housework When You Work Full-Time?

How to Find Time for Housework When You Work Full-Time?

     This is the question I’m trying to figure out an answer. Main difficulty I face with combining full-time working and taking care of the house is not just limited time, but being tired by the end of the day when I reach home after work.

     On weekdays I usually reach the house around 7pm, while cooking and having dinner takes another hour. I become free only by 8pm, and this time I’m usually so tired that I hardly have energy or wish to do any housework. So I end up putting it off to the weekend and either spend the weekend with housework or delay it further.

     Surely house will not look nice and well maintained with this approach. So I decided I must focus on learning how to make my house life and work life get along.

     There are a few little tips I worked out to care of the house at working days:

  • Trying to attend small issue immediately

I call small issues the one which required not more than 5-10 mins to do. Usually it’s short cleaning works which arise daily.

  • Do one big thing a day

So “big thing” for me is anything taking over 10 mins. Those are more major cleaning and decluttering works I have to do regularly. If thing is really “too big” and will take too long, I try to spilt into smaller 10-30mins sessions if possible (for example, decluttering shelf by shelf in the wardrobe at different days instead of single longer declutter session). At the moment I’m doing a big decluttering in the house, so I try to declutter or arrange a least something s day to let my works progress.

  • Schedule house works

This is further to a “big thing a day” rule, I have to schedule what day I’m going to do what. Today I’m going to arrange my skincare shelf, tomorrow will do some shoe cleaning, next day is laundry day. I noticed that when I schedule house works, I do not procrastinate those which I do not like to do. When I do not have any schedule, I give preference to house work which either I like more or will be easier to do, leaving more difficult work suspended.

  • Do not exhaust yourself

     After a long working day I’m already pretty tired, so if I really do not feel doing anything but rest, I just do so. Forcing myself doing something and becoming exhausted only gives bad association with house work, and this is definitely not encouraging to love home life.

     After all said, I have to accept my house is far not perfect. But sticking to regular schedule on working days allows me to free up some time on weekends, and I can enjoy my spare time rather than spending all the weekend at home with no rest.


Why Would I Like to Run a House Like Hotel

Why Would I Like to Run a House Like Hotel

     The idea of running home like hotel I just heard from one of my favorite bloggers Jennifer Scott. Jennifer is experienced mother, housewife, she is blogging about fine living and has written a series of best-selling books from "Madam Chic" collection. Idea she has shared resonated with my own thinking and I'm pondering how it can be developed further and applied to life.

     Both me and my husband really do like hotels when we stay there during vacation. I personally enjoy hotel rooms being tidy, organised, looking simple yet nice. For me even inexpensive neat hotel rooms are charming.

     My interesting experience that recently I changed our home beddings to quality beautiful new set. My husband’s first exclamation was: “Wow, like in hotel!” It was the first time when I made connection of a good looking house with good hotel.

     Good hotel room is tidy, clean, smells fresh, and surely there is no clutter there (at least when we just check in:-)). I really would like my house to be like that. But wonder how to achieve it? Simply need to understand what exactly you like in hotel arrangements. There are a few features attractive for me:

  • Hotels are not cluttered

     Hotel room has limited number of storage, usually built-in or furniture drawers.

     What I realized is tidy house is not the one neatly packing all (including unnecessary) stuff but the one which does not have it. Cluttered house, does not matter how clean it is, does not look tidy. Keeping too much stuff makes taking care of the house more difficult, cleaning takes longer time, arranging things becomes challenging. Decluttering is the first thing I find necessary to focus on to make home look neat like good hotel room.

  • Hotels get everything scheduled

     You know exact timing when hotel serves meal, what exactly will be served, what is the cleaning time and so on. I find scheduling is important not only at work but also in regular home life. Scheduled weekly menus, fixed meal time, cleaning time – all that things will help to stay organised and save time while having everything ready. I realise the need to practice it in the house and would like to develop it into a habit.

  • Good hotel rooms look stylish

     Not necessarily they have expensive furniture but all is well-chosen, planned out and looks like a complete picture without unnecessary furniture items. Dominating design color, matching room accessories like paintings or flowers. Nothing redundant or overdone.

  • Feeling of ease

     This is the main reason why we like hotels. Surely, we come for vacation and have rest in hotels, no wonder it makes us relaxed. But at home we also have a rest from work and running errands, so it's not less important to make a feel of ease at home. Everyone has different ways to become relaxed – for some it's relaxing music, for some – particular fragrances, for some – particular colors. For me personally rest is associated with light color room design complemented with colourful flowers, and natural silence with no music or no working TV/radio. All together it gives me feel of tranquility. And yes, this is what I usually experience and enjoy in hotels.

     Those are my favorite hotel room features what I would like to implement in the house. What are your favorite ones and do you manage to establish them in the house? Please let me know in the comments section, I will be very interested to read!