Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

From my experience I noticed clutter occurs mainly due to 3 reasons:

  • when I keep unnecessary things;
  • when some things do not have specifically assigned place;
  • when I fail to return things I just used to assigned place.

Each of them (or mix of them) will usually end up with a pile of things on my desk, cupboard or etc.

So far in my declutter works I’m trying to resolve keeping of the things I do not need, but actually keeping needed things in their proper dedicated places is not less important.

That’s why today I spend some time not discarding but organizing my bed&desk cupboard.

Cupboard is located just in between the working desk and bed. Just for convenience I’m trying to keep things near the places where they are most needed. If I’m working at the desk, I need relevant stationery nearby so I keep it in the cupboard. While I also have to keep in the same cupboard some things I usually use before going to bed (like my hand cream, face mist, tissue paper).

Since space is limited, I put in the cupboard only most needed things for both purposes. I used to keep more than that, as long as cupboard drawer can fit… until realized I don’t have to keep them all here. All other unrelated items are going to other places purposely assigned just to them, permanently or temporary at this moment.

So the top drawer is shared by stationary for working desk and most necessary beauty items for bed time, located at opposite sides of the drawer. So far I find it convenient, but maybe over time I will come up with better idea? Let’s try and see.

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard


Bottom drawer of the cupboard is assigned to electronics related items: chargers, power bank, portable keyboard, USB desk lamp. Only those items which again I either need nearby during working at the desk or night time (like phone charger, for example).

On the top of the cupboard I will permanently keep only some artificial flowers and mobile devices. I use them so often that don’t want to keep enclosed anywhere.

Hope this arrangement of cupboard content will meet it’s purpose, I want to have most necessary things near the place they are needed. I will test it for a few days and see if it’s convenient enough or need to make any improvement.

Decluttering: Clothing and Home Accessories

decluttering clothing

     Today I’m doing one of my most favorite types of decluttering: clothing.

     I’m interested in fashion and I really like to deal with clothing. I find that clothing have so big impact to our personal image. Properly chosen clothing makes us look pretty, it allows to choose the style fitting our lifestyles the best and arguably has impact to quality of our lives.

     This is the major reason why I have lots of clothing and my wardrobe can hardly fit it. But at the same time this is the problem. I have so cluttered wardrobe that hardly can fit anything new (oh, well, and still like to buy something new!).

     So wardrobe closet is the place I have to keep under constant control and see whether I have there something unnecessary.

     Today’s batch of clothes is not going to be the final. But at least I picked something which I do not wear because I realized it does not fit me well, or because it became worn out enough to discard it. I add some home accessories to this declutter batch and all together will donate to local organization helping people in need.

Here it is, my decluttering works for today:

  • Discarding clothing tops

     Tops here are mainly my office wear, also have several t-shirts worn on weekends.

    Office shirts are a bit worn out. At the collar area, near to the face that’s why might be noticeable. I just think it will not look tidy and professional at work so going to dispose it.

decluttering clothing


  • Discarding clothing bottoms

     These are several skirts and weekend trousers. For one or another reason I wasn’t wearing these bottoms much, and just keeping them for moths and some even for years. So hopefully someone who needs it more will be able to use.

decluttering clothing


  • Discarding Feet Massage Mat

     This is actually a good mat, I bought it either last year or before last year, but most of the time it spent folded with no use. Will donate it to save the space.

decluttering feet massage mat


  • Discarding Home Accessory

     This see star is with us for some time. I can’t even remember why we have it. Maybe someone gave it as a gift or we purchased at one of vacations. Anyway, it ended up just dust gathering dust on the shelf, so I decided to to discard it.

Decluttering: Cloting and Home Accessories

     That’s it for now, I already have 2 bags of old clothing. Not bad space saving! And I still have to keep working on it.


Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

     Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

     One more little decluttering session. I pick just a small amount of the things I keep unnecessarily and going to discard. I will try to move step by step, even if just small but regular steps, so my home decluttering project will be bringing some results. I see it requires discipline and consistency in work, will do my best to stick to it.

    I noticed any time I manage to declutter something a little brings me… wonder how to describe this feeling… maybe feeling of relief. I see my place becomes tidier, it’s a good change inspiring to continue.

Today’s decluttering work:

  • Discarding Jewelry Packs

I noticed that the more expensive thing is, the more I care of the packs and boxes of it. I have purchased a pair of earrings a while ago and up to know didn’t dare to throw the packs. Sometimes I think I may use the box and keep the product inside as a way of better care. But in my experience I never do that. I have a dedicated place for keeping jewelry and accessories, so will through all the packs to save the space.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Unnecessary Hair Curlers

These are heatless overnight hair curlers I bough a few years ago. But really I used them just several times. What I discovered that it’s very uncomfortable for me to sleep wearing curlers. I always feel them in the hair, sometimes they get loose and lost. And due to their small diameter, curlers create quite small sharp looking curls. It’s not my desired result, so just stop keeping them on the shelf and dispose.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Unnecessary Plaster Packs

That seem small thing but when they are kept in large quantities, they also take some space I the storage box which I would like to use wiser. Keeping them for so long time with no use, that some already expired and some are going to expire. Discard since do not need them.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Box from Electronic Product

This is the box from travel adaptor. Cannot even recall why this box was kept, but just found it in the storage box. Maybe I forgot to throw it earlier? Never mind, I do it now.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

One more step for home decluttering is done, that’s great. Keep moving!


Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

    Why do I need to declutter skincare?

Time to declutter my skincare and beauty products. I have accumulated so many skincare what I don’t use that there is no space left for the one which I actually use. Not to say it makes my bathroom look messy and cluttered.

Most of the skincare I’m going to discard this time was not actually purchased. Skincare stores where I buy my creams and serums have good marketing strategy giving away some promotional trial kits for free when purchase reaches some certain sum.

It’s actually good for me, I was able to get lots of products I like for free, but there are some that either I do not like or they do not target my skin concerns.

I thought I may use them after my favorite products run out, but happens every time I get something new so they just keep left and accumulated. Now it’s been stored for a while, so I’m going to discard those I’m not going to use and unload the bathroom shelves a little.

  • Discarding Unopened Body Lotion and Body Cream

Products are really unopened. These are just little size trial samples. I got a trial kit of these products before and actually it was fine. But now I use as body cream fully natural cocoa butter. I like the results and do not want to change it, so will offer these unopened products to one of my colleagues.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

  • Discarding Unopened Skincare Trial Kit

These are also sample bottles of the locally famous skincare brand, Essential Softener, Essential Emulsion and Firming Facial Cream. This is firming series addressing anti-aging skin concerns. I prefer to use skincare providing hydration to the skin which this set does not address, so I feel quite easy to discard. Since products are also brand-new and unused, will offer it to the same colleague.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

  • Discarding open but unfinished Skincare Products

Unfinished products didn’t meet my skin’s needs so do no see any point in keeping them. All of them are either from free trial kits or gift kits, so that’s ok to discard.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

  • Discarding open but unfinished Dry Shampoo.

Dry Shampoo is actually a powder. It tried it several times but it was not inconvenient to use, also it was noticeable on my dark hair so I stopped using it after a few tries. It stuck on my bathroom shelf for around a year with no use, so finally it’s time to clear the space and discard.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

  • Discarding Scented Body Mist

It was a gift from one of colleague a few years ago. Body Mist has actually nice fragrance, but a bit too strong as I find. Also, if I want some fragrance, I prefer to use some good perfume than body mist that’s why haven’t finished it after years of keeping. Discarding it just because do not need it.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

  • Discarding Unfinished Nail Polish

Originally I bought it to try homemade French manicure. But I have chosen color a bit wrongly. For French manicure it’s quite dark. I thought maybe I can wear this color on itself but I don’t find it looking good on my hands. So after months of keeping just time to discard.

Decluttering: Skincare and Beauty Products

I still have a lot of declutter work for my skincare and will be doing it step by step. For now at least the first step is made, and products which are not being used have cleared the space. I can see the results on bathroom shelf, that’s great and very inspiring to keep on!