Why Would I Like to Run a House Like Hotel

Why Would I Like to Run a House Like Hotel

     The idea of running home like hotel I just heard from one of my favorite bloggers Jennifer Scott. Jennifer is experienced mother, housewife, she is blogging about fine living and has written a series of best-selling books from “Madam Chic” collection. Idea she has shared resonated with my own thinking and I’m pondering how it can be developed further and applied to life.

     Both me and my husband really do like hotels when we stay there during vacation. I personally enjoy hotel rooms being tidy, organised, looking simple yet nice. For me even inexpensive neat hotel rooms are charming.

     My interesting experience that recently I changed our home beddings to quality beautiful new set. My husband’s first exclamation was: “Wow, like in hotel!” It was the first time when I made connection of a good looking house with good hotel.

     Good hotel room is tidy, clean, smells fresh, and surely there is no clutter there (at least when we just check in:-)). I really would like my house to be like that. But wonder how to achieve it? Simply need to understand what exactly you like in hotel arrangements. There are a few features attractive for me:

  • Hotels are not cluttered

     Hotel room has limited number of storage, usually built-in or furniture drawers.

     What I realized is tidy house is not the one neatly packing all (including unnecessary) stuff but the one which does not have it. Cluttered house, does not matter how clean it is, does not look tidy. Keeping too much stuff makes taking care of the house more difficult, cleaning takes longer time, arranging things becomes challenging. Decluttering is the first thing I find necessary to focus on to make home look neat like good hotel room.

  • Hotels get everything scheduled

     You know exact timing when hotel serves meal, what exactly will be served, what is the cleaning time and so on. I find scheduling is important not only at work but also in regular home life. Scheduled weekly menus, fixed meal time, cleaning time – all that things will help to stay organised and save time while having everything ready. I realise the need to practice it in the house and would like to develop it into a habit.

  • Good hotel rooms look stylish

     Not necessarily they have expensive furniture but all is well-chosen, planned out and looks like a complete picture without unnecessary furniture items. Dominating design color, matching room accessories like paintings or flowers. Nothing redundant or overdone.

  • Feeling of ease

     This is the main reason why we like hotels. Surely, we come for vacation and have rest in hotels, no wonder it makes us relaxed. But at home we also have a rest from work and running errands, so it’s not less important to make a feel of ease at home. Everyone has different ways to become relaxed – for some it’s relaxing music, for some – particular fragrances, for some – particular colors. For me personally rest is associated with light color room design complemented with colourful flowers, and natural silence with no music or no working TV/radio. All together it gives me feel of tranquility. And yes, this is what I usually experience and enjoy in hotels.

     Those are my favorite hotel room features what I would like to implement in the house. What are your favorite ones and do you manage to establish them in the house? Please let me know in the comments section, I will be very interested to read!

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