How to Start Loving Housework?

     loving housework

     It’s not a universal guideline, but I just want to share what made stop hating and start loving house work.

     I seriously used to hate it because I felt taking care of the house was too time consuming and exhausting. I’m working full time on weekdays and I hardly was able to do some housework only on Saturday morning when I had time. I tried to force myself to try doing something during weekdays as I felt our house is too messy, I tried to do some schedules and posted them for myself on display but was not able to stick to them and always have preference to other things instead of cleaning. I was explaining my lack of house care simply: I have no time as I have to work, after work I’m tired, and on weekends I need to have a rest before next working week.

     But once I realized two major things and it changed my mind. Now I rather enjoy taking care of the house. I just asked myself several questions and tried to find an answer:

  • What makes my housework so time consuming and exhausting?

     After some reading and reflecting I realized I cannot properly clean the house because it’s very cluttered. Both me and my husband have tendency to store unnecessary things instead of discarding them. Got something unnecessary but in a good condition – put it to the shelf or storage box, but not throw. Over years we both accumulated so many belongings which we did not use but only kept, that there was no living space left. Everywhere where possible we had additional storage boxes, shelves and drawers were fully packed, and if we buy something, it was hard to find it good place to keep. If I decide to do a thorough cleaning, I would need to move lots of things around to reach all corners, what would be very hard so I never did. Every time I did just light cleaning around, but it was not enough. There was not much visual difference in the way house looked before and after the cleaning so I was not satisfied with results.

     Once I realized this, I launched big decluttering in the house. Step by step I check and discard surplus stash (pile of things at each session!), rearrange things that remain and enjoy seeing how much available space suddenly appear in our tiny unit. Unlike it was earlier, now I can’t wait when I reach home and can proceed to that, purely because I’m able to see and enjoy results of house work.

  • Do I like our house’s surroundings? Do I enjoy being at home, am I able to relax and feel joy there?

     I started asking this question after I read a book “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo (KonMari). This book became my decluttering guideline and inspiration, and I recommend it for everyone interested in decluttering and home organization. I see many references to her method regarding folding clothing, but actually her method is way more deeper. Doing decluttering, we are not looking what to discard, but what to remain, only the things we need and love, which we enjoy to use and see around. Filling the house with things what you love will give you feel of comfort, enjoy and confidence. First this idea seemed weird for me until I tried and felt the result. Enjoying your dinner from the plate you love, cooking at the kitchen with cooking utensils making you enjoy, resting in the bed with your favorite beddings. Once house is filled only with things we love, we will start enjoying it and enjoy taking care or it.

     Once I tried this, I really started loving to be at home, and taking care of it does not seem to be so hard anymore. I wish everyone who does not enjoy housework to find their enjoy in it, and instead of coping start loving.

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