How to Find Time for Housework When You Work Full-Time?

How to Find Time for Housework When You Work Full-Time?

     This is the question I’m trying to figure out an answer. Main difficulty I face with combining full-time working and taking care of the house is not just limited time, but being tired by the end of the day when I reach home after work.

     On weekdays I usually reach the house around 7pm, while cooking and having dinner takes another hour. I become free only by 8pm, and this time I’m usually so tired that I hardly have energy or wish to do any housework. So I end up putting it off to the weekend and either spend the weekend with housework or delay it further.

     Surely house will not look nice and well maintained with this approach. So I decided I must focus on learning how to make my house life and work life get along.

     There are a few little tips I worked out to care of the house at working days:

  • Trying to attend small issue immediately

I call small issues the one which required not more than 5-10 mins to do. Usually it’s short cleaning works which arise daily.

  • Do one big thing a day

So “big thing” for me is anything taking over 10 mins. Those are more major cleaning and decluttering works I have to do regularly. If thing is really “too big” and will take too long, I try to spilt into smaller 10-30mins sessions if possible (for example, decluttering shelf by shelf in the wardrobe at different days instead of single longer declutter session). At the moment I’m doing a big decluttering in the house, so I try to declutter or arrange a least something s day to let my works progress.

  • Schedule house works

This is further to a “big thing a day” rule, I have to schedule what day I’m going to do what. Today I’m going to arrange my skincare shelf, tomorrow will do some shoe cleaning, next day is laundry day. I noticed that when I schedule house works, I do not procrastinate those which I do not like to do. When I do not have any schedule, I give preference to house work which either I like more or will be easier to do, leaving more difficult work suspended.

  • Do not exhaust yourself

     After a long working day I’m already pretty tired, so if I really do not feel doing anything but rest, I just do so. Forcing myself doing something and becoming exhausted only gives bad association with house work, and this is definitely not encouraging to love home life.

     After all said, I have to accept my house is far not perfect. But sticking to regular schedule on working days allows me to free up some time on weekends, and I can enjoy my spare time rather than spending all the weekend at home with no rest.


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