Home Organization: Space Saving Folding

Home Organization: Space Saving Folding

     Mundane things also can be incredible! This is exactly what I feel now. And reason is funnily mundane – I just learnt a space saving way to fold clothing! You know, I’m suffering from limited space in the house, so this finding makes me so happy:-)

     Recently I have done a Bedding Closet organization. At that time I simply folded clothing flat and put one on the top of another in the drawer. You can see previous result on the right photo. This is what I see in the stores, and it looks quite neat there so for me it was a synonym of the top tidiness.

   But today I happened to read a book Spark Joy and found a more convenient way of folding. I recommend this book to those who also feels need in decluttering and home organization. I’m just at the beginning of the book, but already managed to learn useful tips.

Home Organization: Space Saving Folding


     Idea is clothing is folded into rectangles and stored in upright position. So I took out all the house clothing from the drawer, refolded them and returned back. This is the photo of result:

Home Organization: Space Saving Folding

I noticed two significant advantages of storing clothing in upright position:

  • Visual convenience

     Once I open a drawer, I see from the first glance what’s inside. It makes it easier to select what I want to take, and easier to take it out. I do not have to dig inside, what I had to do when I stored clothing flat. And when I take one thing, others remain undisturbed and neat in their places.

  • Space saving

     I noticed clothing takes less space when I store them upright. Previously there was no remaining space in the drawer, but now there was some. I even was able to add there a bathrobe previously kept in another drawer. I feel more comfortable to store same category items together, so I happily added a piece not fitted in earlier arrangement.

This is how drawer looks from outside (top drawer):

Home Organization: Space Saving Folding

     I find it’s neater than it was from outside too.

     I still have to practice my folding skills, overtime it will became more tidier and faster, but even now I can see result is better than original so I will stick to storing upright where possible.

     If you have other tips how to fold and store clothing to share, please do so! It will be very interesting to try.

     If someone is interested, I can post a pic how to fold clothing with this method, please let me know! (P.S. already posted, please check the post Home Organization: Clothing Folding (KonMari method))



  • Hena @ Mending with Gold(Posted February 2, 2017, 2:44 pm)

    - Reply

    I’ll try this folding tip with my kid’s stuff! I’d love to see the step-by-step for this tip.

    • Alina(Posted February 4, 2017, 5:13 am)

      - Reply

      Thanks, Hena! Sure, I will picture it step-by-step, hope you will love it too!

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