Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

From my experience I noticed clutter occurs mainly due to 3 reasons:

  • when I keep unnecessary things;
  • when some things do not have specifically assigned place;
  • when I fail to return things I just used to assigned place.

Each of them (or mix of them) will usually end up with a pile of things on my desk, cupboard or etc.

So far in my declutter works I’m trying to resolve keeping of the things I do not need, but actually keeping needed things in their proper dedicated places is not less important.

That’s why today I spend some time not discarding but organizing my bed&desk cupboard.

Cupboard is located just in between the working desk and bed. Just for convenience I’m trying to keep things near the places where they are most needed. If I’m working at the desk, I need relevant stationery nearby so I keep it in the cupboard. While I also have to keep in the same cupboard some things I usually use before going to bed (like my hand cream, face mist, tissue paper).

Since space is limited, I put in the cupboard only most needed things for both purposes. I used to keep more than that, as long as cupboard drawer can fit… until realized I don’t have to keep them all here. All other unrelated items are going to other places purposely assigned just to them, permanently or temporary at this moment.

So the top drawer is shared by stationary for working desk and most necessary beauty items for bed time, located at opposite sides of the drawer. So far I find it convenient, but maybe over time I will come up with better idea? Let’s try and see.

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard

Home Organization: Organizing Cupboard


Bottom drawer of the cupboard is assigned to electronics related items: chargers, power bank, portable keyboard, USB desk lamp. Only those items which again I either need nearby during working at the desk or night time (like phone charger, for example).

On the top of the cupboard I will permanently keep only some artificial flowers and mobile devices. I use them so often that don’t want to keep enclosed anywhere.

Hope this arrangement of cupboard content will meet it’s purpose, I want to have most necessary things near the place they are needed. I will test it for a few days and see if it’s convenient enough or need to make any improvement.

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