Home organization: Folding Plastic Bags

     home organization

     I never though so small things like plastic bags can have so big input to clutter.

     We always have plastic bags kept in the house.
     We always remain grocery plastics to use them – mainly for throwing the trash, and even buy purposely a set of plastics for bigger size trash bin. I find it’s a mundane necessity and do not mind keeping them (though, I do plan to reduce the number of plastics kept).
     But I never thought they also can be organized!

    Just a little peek to the stock of plastics:

home organization

    Guess what’s inside the laundry basket below? Even there I used to keep plastics!

    The only way I kept them organized was that I kept them inside basket. Bring groceries home, open the basket cover, shove bags inside…oh, I’m gonna miss doing that.  A big trouble I realized that plastics take a lot of space when they are filled with air or knotted.

    Seriously, there are not so many of them on the picture, doesn’t it look so? Well, I know it does not.  This pile used to occupy the entire big box!

home organization

     The woven basket on the first photo I used for keeping plastics was actually meant for keeping laundry, while laundry was kept in another basket cluttering our room entrance. Finally I decided to save the space, fold all plastics and keep them in available storage boxes, while laundry basket can be used as per its direct intention.

     I had to take all the bags out and start folding them. Well, it did take time. Only after 3 attempts of couple of hours each I managed to fold them all and store in the available boxes neatly. I think it will not be an issue to fold just several plastics after bringing them from grocery, but when a big pile accumulated – this is when I have to spend time improving my home organization. It’s ok, I still was able to enjoy folding and at the same time watching something, let it count as part of my time spent useful. And now they take much less space, only 2 small boxes which I can put to available shelf. And basket is released!

     After folding is done, here is the result:

home organization

    Ok, not Pinterest result but I’m progressing! I was able to relocate all the laundry into released basket, throw another one and noticeably increase available space in the unit entrance where it’s all located. That’s great that simple folding availed additional space in the room which we can enjoy now. This is one more time when I realized that small items (just plastics bags, how much space can they take?) can have an input to the clutter and affect bigger picture.

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