Decluttering & House Organizing: Increasing Life Success Chances?

Decluttering & House Organizing: Increasing Life Success Chances?

     For me it’s looks that ability to organize your own house is a sign that person is probably successful in life or has high potential to it. There are a few reasons what make me think like this, and I will be very happy to know your ideas about it.

     Thing is to have your house organized on a regular basis requires a number of qualities. Qualities I’m talking about are typically also required for building successful career, profitable business and even are very helpful in home and family life.

     None of the skills we have – especially professional skills – are given, we have to learn and practice them to achieve the result. That’s why I believe that whatever helps us to practice relevant skills will help us to get success in other areas where those skills are required as well.

     House organizing is a skill which being practiced by housewives for years. And I noticed there are a few qualities necessary for successful running the house, not different from running successful career.

  • Organizing house requires self-discipline

     One of the major things I realized needed for the house to be organized is to keep everything in its proper place. And firstly, everything must have it’s assigned place. I used not to care about this previously and ended up having a really messy house with things scattered in various storages. After realizing this housekeeping mistake, I started to group all things into categories and assigning dedicated places for storing each category and sticking to returning things to their dedicated places after use. This arrangement was one of the hardest in my house works as required proper planning to find the most appropriate location for each item. I’m still in progress with making this arrangement and can say it does require a lot of self-discipline for the novice to stick to that until it becomes a habit.

  • Ability to take decisions

     Particularly talking about house decluttering (since this is the subject of my blog and this blog post), I have to take a lot of decisions what things I need and intend to use, and what I do not have to keep any longer. Sometimes it takes for me a few rounds to confirm if I’m going to discard one or another thing being kept with no use sometimes for years.

     Running the house in general requires many-many more decision taking which I do not discuss in this blog post just to stick to the subject. But I’m sure each housewife can come up with her own long list how many decisions she has to take every day starting from planning meals to planning big purchases and family events.

  • Readiness for learning and experimenting

     Organizing the house requires lots of learning and experimenting. There are lots of hacks and tricks which each housewife has in her arsenal (learnt and tested on her own experience or from other sources) to run the house successfully.

  • Ability to find decisions that work

     Purpose of all the learning and experimenting is actually to find solutions which give the best results, allow to save time or budget and etc., in other words to find a way to organize the house the most effectively.

     In fact all these qualities are necessary for career, business and family life. If organizing the house allows to develop these qualities, I believe it will help in other aspects too.

     So this is the relation which I see between seemingly unrelated items. And in your turn please let me know your opinion. Does ability to run a house help you in other life aspects? Please feel free to comment below!

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