Reducing Clutter: Switching to Higher Quality Products

Reducing Clutter: Switching to Higher Quality Products

Who doesn’t like to save some cash on budget products? I do.

Many times price tag was the final factor I give preference to one product and not the other. For budgeting purposes I set notional price limits for a piece which I usually didn’t exceed.
Buying clothing? Oh, I cannot afford to spend too much. Instead of one expensive pieces, I’ll take three of a lower price! Just to have more choices and alter them.
Buying accessories? The same concept – more and cheaper is better. More choices!
Want to try something new but not sure if I need it? I will buy budget option and see!

Finally I realized I kept buying things which didn’t make me satisfied. I may be not satisfied with quality, performance or design. And kept buying the same things thinking I will find better piece.

Once I started decluttering, many things were replaced with higher quality equivalents. And I noticed I stopped craving to buy something new (hoping it’s something better) than already have.

I started with the easiest (and my favorite!) category to experiment: clothing. For a long time I wanted to improve my weekend wardrobe, so I use it as a start.

I had very voluminous range of budget weekend clothing – and yes, was not satisfied with that wardrobe.
I think it’s fine for women to wish looking pretty. Clothing we wear does have a big impact to that, and it’s hard to feel pretty wearing unsightly clothing. On weekend I usually didn’t look presentable and was not happy with that.



For sure switching to quality products is costy. But for me – from clutter aspect – it will be an advantage as I cannot keep buying expensive things often, so it restrains me from unnecessary spendings. Unlike cheaper options which are attractive by their price tag in the first place.

That’s ok I will have less options available, as long as they are the best.

Also I noticed that after trying better quality standards, I’m no longer tempted to buy less quality things, even with attractive prices. It had happened to me a lot before! Buying cheap, I thought I’m saving money, but ended up I was wasting money, decluttering now things I do not love.

Also, quality pricey things eliminate chances of impulsive buys. I have to think thoroughly, plan and sometimes make some savings to purchase one or other quality thing.

So far wardrobe is the field of my experiment. I will try to apply this concept to the other stuff I use at home over time.

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