Real-Life Decluttering Coffee Table

Real-Life Decluttering Coffee Table

Decluttering Coffee Table:

It's such a pleasure to live in a tidy home. I love tidiness, I see it as a kind of chic...unachievable chic with my level of home running skills.
I admit: I don't really love cleaning, or brooming, or doing laundry, I just sometimes do it.
But I love decluttering.

This little coffee table stands in the middle of the living room cum kitchen. And it’s one of the hottest clutter spots in the unit!

Real-Life Decluttering Coffee Table

It’s so convenient to put all the things to the table and forget leave there for a while...sometimes for a long while. But today I will stop it! Ok, at least I take an effort. Yup, decluttering is my continuous solution!

Oh, no no, clutter on the table is just a small issue. Big issue? Clutter under table. See that storage containers?Real-Life Decluttering Coffee Table

Me too. I used to see them every day and never use anything from there. Neither my husband.

And they make floor brooming impossible. To broom below the table, I have to move everything around. Sure I don’ t like doing that - so I never do.
Finally there is a lot of dust and trash accumulated between them, on top of them and even under! Oh, this view make me suffer quietly but keep procrastinating with cleaning day by day.

Until a shining idea came – will decluttering coffee table area help?

I took out all the stuff. As usual with our forgotten storage boxes, I see most the items we do not need. Lots of stationery kept for years – wonder why do we keep so huge stock at home? Hubby agreed we don’t need and he would bring it to the office.

Old gadgets and devices, long time outdated. We will donate them for recycling.

And husband’s tools – well, this we can keep. I put them into dedicated box and placed on the shelf.

And that’s it! All containers became empty and space below the table released!

Real-Life Decluttering Coffee Table

It happened to me for the first time - I felt enjoy brooming the floor! I dreamed to do it do long but kept delaying. Now it’s finally happening!

Another baby step in house decluttering overhaul is done. Good! Now I have to care of a bit less stuff than I had to before. It will stress me less because will take less time and efforts to care about.

This is why I love decluttering!


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  1. I’m in the midst of decluttering our home and finding it very exhausting. I need to get my head fully into purge mode in order to accomplish any removal of stuff. It’s hard, but so satisfying once done!

    Under your coffee table looks amazing now!!

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