Fashion Accessories: Decluttering Belts

Fashion Accessories: Decluttering Belts

Decluttering Belts:

I use to treat my belts with respect.
I keep them carefully…
…in the trash bin. Oh no no, in clean trash bin!

Yes, it’s still ironic. Guess my mind realized I have too many belts and was giving me hints what to do with them.

I knew I had too many and can’t even remember what I had inside that bin.
Belts used regularly are always on the top, so I don’t have to dig I side to get them. No wonder eventually I couldn’t even remember what’s there inside.

I wear only 3 belts regularly: wide belt, medium and narrower version. That’s all I really need and use. I have no idea about the rest of the content of the trash bin. Let’s check it!

Fashion Accessories: Decluttering Belts

Wow. I didn’t expect I had SO many! I counted…21 number.
Oh me, former shopaholic, why you bought so many?

Ok, I bought them not all at once. I recall I accumulated this stock for 5 years.
Each time when I bought some, I just put into storage box and forget I have it at all.
Genius, right?
Every time when I needed it I went and bought new. Just because didn’t check that I already had it (I think impact to my budget with such approach is quite clear).

Oh, and also one version of something is never enough for me.
Minimum two! I need to have choices!
Never mind that all choices are the same and often of a questionable quality.
Now I see this pattern very clear – while doing decluttering in the house.

So, let’s continue!

This is the belt mountain I just retrieved. Most of them are duplicates of what I already have.
After checking them all one by one, I realized either I don’t need them or I’m using a better version now. Then I just discard others.

This is a mountain for discarding:

Fashion Accessories: Decluttering Belts

2 belts from the mountain I decided to remain. They have potential for my outfits…Hmmm, at least I will give it a try.

So now i will have 5 belts.

Fashion Accessories: Decluttering Belts

And discard 16.
Good that now it’s much less amount to keep and will take less space.
I will roll remaining belts and put them into the tray (plastic drawer from accessories storage I just unassembled).

Will keep belts in the wardrobe just under clothing.
I liked this decluttering belts session and hope you too!


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