Decluttering: Unexpected Benefit

Decluttering: Unexpected Benefit

     I just recently started decluttering of the house, and noticed one unexpected benefit (tidier house does not count as it was the purpose of the decluttering). Unexpected was that my money spendings significantly reduced with no effort.

     How is it related?

     I started decluttering by second half of last month, and that month I discovered I managed to save around twice than I usually did in earlier months. My shopping trips almost gone except for groceries. I’m not keen anymore to buy some new clothing, accessories or make up. Previously I would buy some every week!

     And reason is quite simple: I realized how much stuff I have at home and how much I used to overspend. I spent a lot on items I don’t need or have substitutes at home.

    During undercutting I take out all the things from the place I’m going to tidy up, sort them out by categories and locate in dedicated storage places. When all the items of a category are stored together, I have a clear overview what exactly I have and how many items. What I noticed I have many repetitive items in my skincare, accessories, clothing category which I might not buy at all. Looking at my skincare storage boxes, I see many of them are actually redundant. I haven’t reached my makeup storage yet, but I can imagine home many repetitive lipsticks and eyeshadows I have there. And when I think that I have paid money for all the stuff I’m going to discard, I really become terrified. Many things were obviously bought impulsively, how much I could have saved!

     So no wonder after having a few decluttering session in the house for now (and still many-many more upcoming) and realizing how much money were spent unnecessarily, I absolutely do not feel shopping.

     Maybe I’m a little shocked with my discoveries but it’s definitely good for my budget to realize that and restrain from unnecessary shopping. First few weeks had brought so noticeable budget-saving results so I’m looking forward to see even better results this month.

     Am I going to stop shopping at all? Sure not. But I believe it will be of different quality now. I’m looking forward to continue my unexpected decluttering vs. savings experiment and see what good results it will be able to bring. And surely I continue getting rid of the things I do not need in the house!

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