Decluttering: Shelves Storage

Decluttering: Shelves Storage

     This is another Shelf Cabinet I was keen to declutter. This cabinet is one of the most cluttered spots in the house, where my shame starts. It was filled with numerous plastic trays, each of them containing items we don’t really use and don’t need. Whenever I get any thing I didn’t know where to keep, I used to put it there. Ended up it became an accumulation of unnecessary stuff, and I hardly could say what’s exactly inside that trays. I seldom get anything from there, so even before decluttering it was clear I can get along without most of those items.

Why I didn’t declutter it earlier?     


     Previously I already tried to declutter this shelf, but every time most of the things were returned because “I might use it some day”. This is the thought that always catches me!

     But now I’m going to approach this storage very decisively and make drastic changes. I even asked my husband to avail some of his time as some of the items might be his so I needed his decision.

Decluttering: Shelves Storage

     First I removed all the stuff from the plastic tray and pile them right on the floor. There is a huge amount of small things! Now it’s time to decide which things will still be useful in the house and what has to be discarded.

Decluttering: Shelves Storage

How I decide what to remain and what to discard:

      I check every single item. Usually I ask myself questions trying to understand if I shall keep or discard the thing:

  • Do I need it?

  • Do I intend to use in the nearest future?

  • Can I substitute it with something else I have?

  • Have I used it in the past months or ever? If not, what was the reason (for example, I forgot about it, I was not satisfied with the results of its use, it got broken/expired?)

  • Does the thing have any sentimental value for me or my husband?

What shall I do with those things?

     Asking this questions helped to give a second life to some of the items I took out from the storage. If this is consumable item and still can be used, I make myself use it intentionally unless I really do not need it anymore. Mostly it’s about different beauty products, masks, cleansers.

     Those items which we decide to discard, we will either pass for recycling or will throw if those are small things not needed anymore.

Continuing organizing shelves:

     Once I segregated items which can be discarded, I started arranging remaining things by categories. Here on the photo you can see that there is much less stuff remained!

Decluttering: Shelves Storage

     To say frankly, I enjoy and feel some relief when I manage to remain only the things I intend to use and release so much space. I already imagine in my mind a picture how my house could look like with no unnecessary stuff and no clutter! Step by step I’m trying to move towards that direction.

     Once I reduced a number of stuff and remained only the things we will use, I return them back to the shelves. That’s incredible that now I even got unoccupied shelves and empty storage trays! For the moment I will keep those trays. While I’m still decluttering the house, I may need them to assign for storing some things temporary. Finally, hope I will be able to discard not only plastic storages, but even unnecessary shelves and avail more living space.


Decluttering: Shelves Storage


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