Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

     Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

     One more little decluttering session. I pick just a small amount of the things I keep unnecessarily and going to discard. I will try to move step by step, even if just small but regular steps, so my home decluttering project will be bringing some results. I see it requires discipline and consistency in work, will do my best to stick to it.

    I noticed any time I manage to declutter something a little brings me... wonder how to describe this feeling... maybe feeling of relief. I see my place becomes tidier, it’s a good change inspiring to continue.

Today’s decluttering work:

  • Discarding Jewelry Packs

I noticed that the more expensive thing is, the more I care of the packs and boxes of it. I have purchased a pair of earrings a while ago and up to know didn’t dare to throw the packs. Sometimes I think I may use the box and keep the product inside as a way of better care. But in my experience I never do that. I have a dedicated place for keeping jewelry and accessories, so will through all the packs to save the space.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Unnecessary Hair Curlers

These are heatless overnight hair curlers I bough a few years ago. But really I used them just several times. What I discovered that it’s very uncomfortable for me to sleep wearing curlers. I always feel them in the hair, sometimes they get loose and lost. And due to their small diameter, curlers create quite small sharp looking curls. It’s not my desired result, so just stop keeping them on the shelf and dispose.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Unnecessary Plaster Packs

That seem small thing but when they are kept in large quantities, they also take some space I the storage box which I would like to use wiser. Keeping them for so long time with no use, that some already expired and some are going to expire. Discard since do not need them.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

  • Discarding Box from Electronic Product

This is the box from travel adaptor. Cannot even recall why this box was kept, but just found it in the storage box. Maybe I forgot to throw it earlier? Never mind, I do it now.

Decluttering: Jewelry Packs and Miscellaneous

One more step for home decluttering is done, that’s great. Keep moving!


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