Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

     This is a plastic colorful storage I bought a few years ago. And after I revisited all its content recently, I found that it keeps a clutter of accessories I do not use and other things which even are not meant to be there. They all are stored neatly in this storage while I seldom open it (because most of the items inside there are unnecessary) and ends up most of the things there are being keep without need. Some of the things I even didn’t remember I had kept there!

     For me tricky thing with excessive storage spaces (say storage spaces for unnecessary things) is that they do not disturb me, clutter is being hidden in drawers so I do not see it thus do not realize. So clutter is being encouraged to accumulate. That’s why for me decluttering is not only discarding unnecessary things but also reduction of unnecessary storage spaces.

     There are a few accessories I found in the storage which I’m going to discard.

Decluttering  works for today:

  • Discarding unnecessary accessories

     Most of the things in that batch are hair accessories which I do not like to use. I just find them not convenient to use, some pull hair too much, some look unsightly, for others I have better equivalent.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

  • Discarding Plastic bracelet

     After I have taken its photo for the blog post, I noticed it looks not bad on the camera. But in reality it became quite yellowish, looks worn out and doesn’t look really good. I don’t find it looks good so discard it.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

  • Keeping Pearl bracelets

     This is one of the cases when I actually decided to save items originally meant to declutter. I do not wear them because they are slightly big for my wrist, look too loose and size is not adjustable. But they are in good condition and I noticed they look interesting on photos. At least for now I save them purely for purposes of taking photos.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

  • Discarding unnecessary earrings

     Earrings are generally my favorite type of accessories. I used to have good collection of earrings bought in accessory stores until I found a jewelry good pair I like a lot and wear permanently. Probably I will pass these pairs on the photo to some of my colleagues.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

  • Discarding a set of chockers

    It was just a mistaken purchase, after I tried them at home I didn’t like how chokers looked on me. I will check with my colleagues if someone wants to get them.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage

  • Keeping Accessories storage

     After I checked all the content of the storage, some things I discard or pass to somebody and some relocated to more appropriate places. Finally I managed to empty the storage fully. I had intention to discard it as well, but decided to keep for a while. My declutter works are still in progress, and I might need to assign it temporary for keeping other things. Hopefully by the time my decluttering is progressing for a while, I will get rid of unnecessary things and can discard some storages consuming space too.

Decluttering: Fashion Accessories Storage


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