Decluttering: Clothing and Home Accessories

decluttering clothing

     Today I’m doing one of my most favorite types of decluttering: clothing.

     I’m interested in fashion and I really like to deal with clothing. I find that clothing have so big impact to our personal image. Properly chosen clothing makes us look pretty, it allows to choose the style fitting our lifestyles the best and arguably has impact to quality of our lives.

     This is the major reason why I have lots of clothing and my wardrobe can hardly fit it. But at the same time this is the problem. I have so cluttered wardrobe that hardly can fit anything new (oh, well, and still like to buy something new!).

     So wardrobe closet is the place I have to keep under constant control and see whether I have there something unnecessary.

     Today’s batch of clothes is not going to be the final. But at least I picked something which I do not wear because I realized it does not fit me well, or because it became worn out enough to discard it. I add some home accessories to this declutter batch and all together will donate to local organization helping people in need.

Here it is, my decluttering works for today:

  • Discarding clothing tops

     Tops here are mainly my office wear, also have several t-shirts worn on weekends.

    Office shirts are a bit worn out. At the collar area, near to the face that’s why might be noticeable. I just think it will not look tidy and professional at work so going to dispose it.

decluttering clothing


  • Discarding clothing bottoms

     These are several skirts and weekend trousers. For one or another reason I wasn’t wearing these bottoms much, and just keeping them for moths and some even for years. So hopefully someone who needs it more will be able to use.

decluttering clothing


  • Discarding Feet Massage Mat

     This is actually a good mat, I bought it either last year or before last year, but most of the time it spent folded with no use. Will donate it to save the space.

decluttering feet massage mat


  • Discarding Home Accessory

     This see star is with us for some time. I can’t even remember why we have it. Maybe someone gave it as a gift or we purchased at one of vacations. Anyway, it ended up just dust gathering dust on the shelf, so I decided to to discard it.

Decluttering: Cloting and Home Accessories

     That’s it for now, I already have 2 bags of old clothing. Not bad space saving! And I still have to keep working on it.


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