Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

     Finally I reached it! At this stage of my house decluttering project I’m finally reaching areas I was scared even to think about. Those which are the most cluttered with different stuff, and I hardly can think how I can rearrange its content.

     My intention for now is to discard really unnecessary items, avail more space and organize the one I decide to keep into different categories. One storage will be dedicated to one category only, otherwise it will confuse me and everything will get messed up again.

     So here it is, rolling my sleeves to work it out.

     So pity that I forgot to take photo of how it looked like before I started decluttering, I will try to do it next time. Anyway, it was really messy, different unrelated items were stored alongside each other.

     First thing I’m looking at is what is necessary and what is not. Happened that lots of things from the shelves are not even needed at home. Most of the items there belong not to me but my husband, mostly electronic items. Very good that he is so supportive to my decluttering and kindly agree to discard some of the items since he does not need them.

Our decluttering works for today:

  • Discarding unused CD disks

     They are not needed at home, but might be quite useful at work. Husband is going to bring them to the office for common use.

Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

  • Discarding Monoheadset

     We do not use it but probably someone may do. Hubby will bring it to the office to share with colleague.

Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

  • Discarding USB charger

     They are meant for iPod/iPhone/iPad. We used to have them a few years ago but now already using other brands of mobile devices for some time. This charger might have remained since then, so husband will share it at work with someone who can use it.

Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

  • Discarding Power Bank

     I remember I won it in lucky draw at work. That’s really useful thing but it’s so big and heavy! Because of that I don’t find it convenient to carry in ladies handbag, it’s rather better to store at home or office in a drawer. But in this case I can use power socket instead of power back. Ended up this power bank was stored on the shelf more than a year, so I prefer to pass it to someone who may need.

Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items

  • Discarding Empty boxes

     Some of boxes are from our wedding rings, some from electronic items. Sometimes I keep boxes, especially if it’s from the costy products, probably hoping to keep it inside the box. But so far it never happen, in practice it’s not convenient every time pack the thing back after use, then unpack again. So I just throw the boxes and release the space they occupied.


     And this is the final result! Actually I would say it’s temporary as I’m still not very satisfied, want to organize it a bit more. Lower shelf is occupied by unrelated to books items like software CDs and medical devices. At the moment I don’t have yet a dedicated place to store them so will leave here temporary. When I reach this category items and allocate them a particular place, will remove from the lower shelf and instead will put other books or paper items.


Decluttering: Book Cabinet and Electronic Items



  • Hena @ Mending with Gold(Posted February 2, 2017, 2:40 pm)

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    Thanks for replying, Alina!
    Sorry, the name’s Abby Lawson… just in case you wanted to check out her organization stuff too.

    • Alina(Posted February 4, 2017, 5:15 am)

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      Thank you for recommendation, Hena! Abby’s blog is exactly what I was looking for!

  • Hena @ Mending with Gold(Posted February 2, 2017, 9:15 am)

    - Reply

    I really enjoyed this decluttering session.
    I get it, we need to purge ruthlessly the supersaturated sections. I’m just beginning to develop this courage for organizing more often since I came across Amy Lawson who writes similar stuff. So glad I found another similar blog!
    Also, I was wondering where to find your ABOUT page on this site to get to know you more…

    • Alina(Posted February 2, 2017, 12:42 pm)

      - Reply

      Hi Hena, thanks so much for so supportive comment!
      I created a brief About section on the right, thank you for your query!

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