Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     Finally I reached it! Bathroom storage is the one I was looking forward to declutter. We have very little available space in the bathroom, and most of it was occupied with my beauty and haircare products. I was sure many of them are not needed, but still wanted to have a closer look for taking decision.

     To make decluttering moving (because I really want to tidy up the house so much!), I split different areas into parts and declutter them when I’m able to find some time, mainly in the evenings after work and weekends. When I split a big job into smaller pieces, it allows me to move in baby steps and finally have a job done rather than keep delaying it. So I will start my bathroom decluttering from this bathroom shelf filled with different stuff.

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     As usual, I start sorting out all the things into categories. Here it’s cloth mask packs, liquid facial products (toners/creams/lotions/serums etc.), and haircare items.

     Ideally I prefer to keep each category in one spot in its dedicated container. So I got 3 containers assigned to these items. Mask packs fitted into one, for liquid facial products I had to use a bigger container to fit them all. And haircare products I put in another storage tray assigned to them. Many of the items from the shelf belong to other categories, so I relocated them to dedicated places assigned earlier. And since I assinged these 3 categories to be located at this shelf, I find all other related products stored in other spots and place them here too.

     There are some items which I have to discard. Mostly those are free trial skincare kits and samples. I will throw those which I do not plan to use. Flowers will not be thrown!:-)

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     And here it is, the final result!

Decluttering: Bathroom Storage

     Now it looks so much better in the bathroom.

     It’s actually not the final arrangement, I will have to return to the bathroom to declutter other areas and might change the places where I keep one or another category items. But moving forward step-by-step, I’m satisfied with this arrangement for now and will keep until next declutter session.

     I would like to add a few words how I feel about decluttering. I can say this is my favorite housework because of the dramatic results I see after each session. It’s not only that previously cluttered and messy space becomes tidier, but also it gives me some kind of relief feeling. I see and feel more space around, what makes me feel so good about it!

    And also I noticed some unexpected benefit from decluttering, which I'm going to discuss further.


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