Decluttering: What to do with Excessive Skincare?

When I do not have to throw things

Bathroom shelves tightly stuffed with skincare – is it something familiar to you?
Decluttering makeup
For me – yes, it is.

It is pretty normal condition of my bathroom at all times, wherever I live, regardless how much space I have, at any given moment. My shelves and cabinets always-always cracking filled up fully.

Why is it so?

Aside decluttering one of the fields of my interests is skincare.

I love reading books how to care of the skin, improve skin quality and as the result – I love buying and trying different skincare products.

For sure I’m frequent guest at skincare shops and if I come not to buy something then at least to check their product lines.
I also apply multiple layers of products at a time, so no wonder I have a lot of different jars, bottles, packs and tubes with skincare products.

My bath shelves and cabinets always stuffed full!


Do I really have to keep so many?
Decluttering excessive makeup

Sometimes I have to get rid of something that does not suit my skin well or just not really effective.

And now it’s the moment I realize I have too much of skincare.
Do I use each and every piece?

I don’t.

A good thing I find about skincare that it’s consumable! (Well, i know, it’s a bad thing too cause it keeps running out!)

Not always I have to throw things, sometimes can use them up!

Those facial products that work less good for me on the face still can be used… on the body.

Last night I used some of the serums and oils that meant for face on my body – result is really good!

That’s how I can finish unwanted products quick and release some space on the shelf.

Good that not always I have to through things – sometimes can just use them up quickly!

I hope to finish some of the products withing next few weeks and remain those I like most.

Still a long way to go, but I hope one day I will defeat clutter in the bathroom:-)

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