Decluttering: Old Pillows

Decluttering pillows

Yes, sometimes I have to declutter even so necessary things like pillows!
Today I’m throwing these 2 pillows:

Decluttering redundant pillows

The one at the bottom is my former sleeping pillow, and another one is sofa pillow.

Why do I need to throw them?

As usual, reasons are very simple:

1) Sofa pillow

Now we do not have sofa any more … (has it been decluttered? Oh no, it’s just we shifted recently to a different place, and there is no sofa in the living room here).

This pillow is not suitable for sleeping, so I just didn’t find any use for it in our new place.
(Here maybe its worth to say that we are renting a really little unit and do not have much of space).

After putting it from one to another place, finally I see it would be better to save the space and get rid of it.

2) Sleeping pillow

It was a good and soft pillow which I enjoyed… until decided to wash it.

After washing it took very long time to dry up (literally a few days!).
It seems that filling inside just became molded after being wet for so long and got that bad unfresh smell.
No matter how long I kept it on the dry air, it did not disappear.

Well, it’s not what I would like to smell in the bedroom.

Then it’s a good chance to try another better pillow! I was happy to replace it with memory foam one I was craving for a long time in department store.

And it was a good piece to enjoy my sleep even more.

Yup, that’s it for today.
Even though it was a short decluttering session, I got a little bit less of unnecessary stuff at home.
And hope to progress in this direction more each time!

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