Decluttering: Excessive Makeup

Decluttering Makeup

It’s time for new make-up declutterring session!
I longed for it every time I was digging in my bursting make-up bag looking for something. But today I got into more decisive mood to put an end to that:-)

Yup, I had done makeup decluttering before but have something to get rid of again.
Oh, maybe you understand how seductive it is to drop by a makeup store just to “have a look” with no intention to buy and leave it with a new pack of … (lipstick/blush/shadows… this never ends!)
Well, it’s not what I’m proud of, that’s why my makeup decluttering resumes.

Today I picked a few things. They did not satisfy me for one or another reason and just got stuck in my makeup bag – then there is no point of keeping them further with no use.
I really would like to be more minimalistic in many aspects (maybe better if I tell it when I’m in the store instead?)

Here they are, my new candidates for decluttering:

Decluttering Makeup Excess

Some of the items are brand new, and some are used just several times. Some are from world famous brand and some from reputable smaller brands.

Why do I have to throw them? Reasons are pretty simple – either something didn’t match me or … I do not need it (my key phrase when I’m decluttering:-)

So what am I throwing today?

1) Loose Powder

Decluttering Makeup Powder

It’s not bad powder, I bought it from the Korean brand that I really like.
But I noticed that on days when I wear powder my skin feels dry. I relate it directly to powder usage and stopped wearing the product. And yes, my skin feels better now. So will throw with no doubts.

2) Gel eyeliner
Decluttering Makeup Eyeliner

One disadvantage of this eyeliner is that it does not stay long enough. By the end of the day it’s gone – and, of course, it is not my intention.
I replaced this with liquid eyeliner which is more durable and makes me more happy with its results.

3) Eye Shadows

Decluttering Makeup Shadows

Eyeshadow colors are nice and match me well, but their disadvantage is the same as eyeliner – they just do not stay long. My new set works for me better, so I discard these since I do not use them.

4) Makeup Base

Decluttering Makeup Base

I got it on the sale. It’s a good brand and I do not question its quality. I just have another product from another reputable brand that happens to satisfy me better, I’m going to stick to it.
I wouldn’t like to accumulate things that I do not use so will discard them.

Here it is, my short decluttering session.

And as a final result I just want to show my emptied makeup bag with favourite products inside.

Decluttering Makeup Bag

Each of them is in active use every time I wear make up, and frankly I do not need more than that.
Hopefully I will remind it to myself next time when I’m in make-up store:-)

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