Decluttering Overhaul: Where to Start?

Decluttering Overhaul: Where to Start?

     First steps are usually the most difficult to take. The most daunting sometimes, but the most valuable. Starting decluttering is no exception.

     One day I got so tired of the mess in the house that realized decluttering is the only solution. I simply was not able to care of the house, and ti did make me feel uncomfortable.

     Sudden visitors? What can be more terrifying!
     Planned visitors? I will spend hours before they arrive in non-stop cleaning.

     Over years I realized that just arranging my stuff will not help.
     It’s too time consuming to organize clutter.
     The only what might help is discarding.

     And then I gazed around our place and was wondering where exactly I should start. Literally every single corner required full attention. Not exaggeration – every single corner.

     Drawers are full with stuff, storage containers on the floor – it’s hard even just to move! Shelves are fully packed. Wardrobe is cracking overfilled.

     I hardly could imagine how I could ever make our house in order. Where to start, what to plan? One thought about it made me overwhelmed.

     And you know what I did? I simply started doing – genius, right?:-)
     Without much thinking or planning. Just pointed to the very first area nearby and started from there.

     I still remember it was surplus beauty products. I knew I was not going to use them and just discarded. Some space on the bathroom shelf released. It made me feel so much lighter!
     I didn’t realize before that unnecessary stuff weighs on my mind.
Unmade decision what I was going with it, how to care of it, when I’m going to consume that stuff. And once my first decluttering session was done it, I felt so lightened and inspired!

     The next time I did the same – just randomly chose what I want to tidy up right that moment, and I did so.

     Over time, when I discard more stuff and released more space, I already could plan what exactly to do next. Clutter did not terrify me anymore. I knew that after extensive work – well, what else I expected, I was growing that clutter for years! – I will have an incredible reward. Additional space in the house and indescribable feeling of becoming lighter are that reward.

     So if you long to do decluttering in the house, but do not know where to start… just start somewhere. Where you are looking right now. Or what creates most inconvenience for you and your family.

     I know, it sounds obvious but this is what worked for me.

     I did my first step by starting decluttering at that day.
And it did look overwhelming to start, but now I do it every week. It doesn’t seem to be hard, and I rather enjoy it. Condition of our house obviously improved, it became neater and more spacious. It was really just about taking the first step!

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  • Bridget(Posted July 30, 2017, 9:52 pm)

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    This is a good post. Like you, for a long time, I was a little terrified of visitors, and if I entertained for a holiday, I spent weeks cleaning. If my neighbor friend asked to come over, I’d consistently respond with, “Yes, but please pardon the mess.” But then I started actively decluttering on a daily basis. My house is a little bit of a mess currently, but the reason is that I’m still making (yes, daily) progress toward decluttering and organizing what’s left (I’m currently labeling storage containers of Christmas decorations that are going back into the attic, and I have a bag of items heading to the thrift store and a bag of items going to the landfill this week). It’s a good feeling!

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