Decluttering & Organizing: Kitchen Utensils

decluttering kitchen

Slowly but surely I’m reaching the kitchen for decluttering!
Kitchen is one of the places in the house where I could only dream to tidy up, but never dare to do so. There is a lot of cooking vessels, cooking appliances, dishes and food gathered in one area.
To add on, we don’t have a dedicated kitchen room in the house. Our kitchen is actually joint with living room. So there is only one corner with stoves, fridge and cupboards denoting that this is kitchen.
And it’s literally screaming for decluttering. Well, ok, as well as almost every corner in our house (but except for bathroom which I recently tidied up and got happy!:-).

When we just shifted to the place we are staying now, available built-it cupboards and a drawer was not sufficient for me to house all the cooking stuff I had (they all got fully packed and I still had lots of things not fitted there), so I immediately purchased additional kitchen rack to fit all my kitchen belongings.
It did help and was able to fit them all.
But things arrangement has never been my strength, so everything was literally shoved to the shelves without any order.

Over a year it was like this, until I gradually got fed up with messy space and messy kitchen. Since I launched my overall house decluttering overhaul, kitchen is going to be one of the most targeted areas.

I have 3 goals with kitchen decluttering:

– convenience for use

– easy cleaning

– attractive look (of course, otherwise how to enjoy being there!)

The only way to achieve that intentions I see is to keep all the things away from kitchen counter top: inside cupboards, drawers, on shelves in storage containers. And to achieve that, I may need to reduce the amount of stuff I have. Surely I’m going to remain all I need and use.
But it looks I have more stuff than I need, so I will discard those items.

First I’m starting with cooking vessels. In fact I use regularly only several of them.
The rest I NEVER use!
I packed cupboard shelves with casseroles, skillets and bowls which I didn’t use a single time at least for months, and some for years! Each has specific reason for that, but mainly it’s because I either do not need (because have other more convenient substitute) or they have some drawback in use (like difficulty in cleaning or being heavy for lifting).

decluttering kitchen

decluttering kitchen

Now space constraint is really a concern. For this reason I prefer not to keep cooking stuff I do not need and have to discard it. That’s really a big amount of things! My cupboards immediately got a lot of space inside where I relocated necessary things I use: dishes, cutlery, lunch boxes and other little kitchen items.

decluttering kitchen



Clutter in the kitchen was really overwhelming! I will need a few attempts to tidy it up to the final result. I will post it day by day following my progress.
But for now – at least I managed to organize kitchen utensils and  see available space for further arrangements!

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