Decluttering: Office Workplace

     decluttering office

     Yes, my tendency to store unnecessary messy things spreads to the office workplace too. I’m working for a few years in the same office and the same desk, so I have accumulated a few years storage!

     I’m very inspired by decluttering at home and want to do the same at work. I noticed that decluttering raises my standards. Earlier cluttered place was fine for me or maybe creating just little inconvenience. But now after I experienced how much better place can be when there is no clutter around and everything is arranged comfortably, how spacious place can suddenly become, how neat, tidy and easy to clean, I became less and less tolerant to the messy surroundings. My major decluttering battle is still going on at home where I have so much area for work. And enjoying how tidier my home becomes, I want to have the same enjoy at the workplace.

     My another incentive to declutter the workplace is tidy place really improves work efficiency. I do not have to spend time search for things and papers when I know where they are assigned to be. And I just believe tidy workplace looks professional and might have impact to the career growth (sure it’s not the only aspect but still). Being able to handle workplace indirectly shows that person is able to cope with their duties and workload, able to work efficiently. I really see a close connection between work efficiency and tidy workplace.

     At my working desk mainly I used to accumulate unnecessary and outdated papers, books and stationery. Papers and drawings are scattered around, books taking the space, sticky notes everywhere around, it looks like disaster!

decluttering workplace

     I’m sure at work I don’t have to store any of those items at the desk as they are available at the company resources at any time I need.

     So it’s time to tidy the place!

     As usual I check every single item and sort them all into categories. Mainly all the items at my workplace belong to any of the 3 categories: papers, stationery, books.

     Papers is the dominant category. I had to discard so many different outdated hardcopies and drawings!

     After discarding is done, shelve look quite empty, so much space was occupied unnecessarily! For remaining papers I allocated storage boxes dedicated for every project (all unnecessary papers are discarded and going for recycling), books will be donated to the library, and all the surplus stationary I returned back to the office stationary cabinet.

     This is the final result:

decluttering office

     Now I have times much more space on the desk! Drawers also underwent decluttering and managed to fit all the necessary things I want them to keep. Now I can enjoy incredible feeling of space and tidiness around, exactly what I wanted!

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