Decluttering: Switching to Minimalistic Wardrobe

Decluttering: Switching to Minimalistic Wardrobe     That word – minimalistic – may sound scary. Women like shopping…maybe not absolutely all, but many. Do you? Me – for sure.

     I have to admit: here it is, a former shopaholic. Particularly keen about clothing shopping. Feeling down or stressed? Get away meditation, vitamins, relaxing or sports – stores are the best mood lifter!

     Over time this budget-friendly approach has gone, but a habit of having fully packed wardrobe remained.

    Frankly, opening my closet every day I didn’t realize it was fully packed and almost cracking. A view of plenty of clothes was not a sign I should stop bringing new friends to my fashion pieces.

     But I did realize I didn’t wear most of my collection. And it gave me quite uncomfortable feeling. Every morning I was standing in front my numerous fashion choices wondering why am I so unsatisfied with my wardrobe? Maybe need to buy something new what I would like?

     Cluttered wardrobe was so unpractical and unsightly that I decided to reduce it to just a few pieces – but only those which look great on me.

Trying to go minimalistic:

     Due to specifics of local climate and my profession, I need different wardrobes for office, for weekends and for special occasions. So I started with my office wardrobe.

     After weeding out, I have remained only 3 dresses, 5 tops, 2 bottoms and 2 blazers. For actual minimalists wardrobe it probably does not sound minimalistic at all neither look so.

     But it’s times less than I had earlier.

     I see free space in the closet!

     I never had it before. My wardrobe has always been full and cracking, 3 bags of clothing for donation is a proof.

Decluttering: Switching to Minimalistic Wardrobe

     And you know what? Since then I didn’t regret about a single things discarded. Happened I need much less than I owned.

     And what about my love for shopping? After having a limited set of favorite clothing, I’m fully satisfied. I’m not craving to buy something new anymore. And yeah, it helped me to increase my monthly savings around twice. Not bad benefit, isn’t it?


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