Decluttering: Stand-Alone Kitchen Rack

Decluttering: Kitchen Rack

     Today I feel trembling. I’m going to deal with procrastination lasting for months.
     I’m approaching this kitchen rack for decluttering!

Decluttering: Kitchen Rack

     Oh, how long it took me to get courage for that!
     I was walking around the rack.
     I was planning.
     I was viewing.
     I was ready to do everything except for starting working on it. I’m going to spend ages decluttering it!

    … I’m shaking out my hands in an hour’s time. Done.

     Seriously, done.

     Ok, it took me 2 attempts of decluttering, around an hour each time.
     Yup, sometimes I break lengthy jobs into smaller pieces…hmmm… let’s say it’s to be less tired.

     I used this rack to keep dry food products, dishes with cutlery, cooking appliances and essential oils I used in skincare routine.

     Frankly, I purposely procrastinated tiding up kitchen rack. I realized how much work I will have to do here, it’s was messy! Surprisingly, it took me less time and even less efforts than I expected.

     After I discarded lots of cooking vessels recently, I was able to relocate dishes, cutlery and other non-food kitchen items into the cupboards and drawers.

     And I changed my approach to storing dishes.
    Earlier I kept it permanently in the dish drying rack. After each use and washing I returned dishes to the rack to dry and store them. But finally I decided to stop using the rack and relocated dishes into the drawer:

Decluttering: Kitchen Rack

     Rack was taking too much space. And because dishes put there were always wet, tray accumulated a lot of moisture. Not attractive, not hygienic. So I changed the way I store dishes now.

     Relocation of dishes and cutlery was the only major change for the kitchen rack. The rest what I have done is just checked all food products, thrown those which expired, and arranged everything what possible into storage trays according to categories.

     My main intention for kitchen rack arrangement is to be able to see a glance what it contains. I need to be see things to remember I have them and to keep using.

     To make it less difficult to get used to new arrangement, I tried to save former location of storages as much as possible. For example, kitchen appliances that we use seldom we kept on the top shelf so I remained them there but arranged neater.

     Food related items we kept on the second and third shelves, so I remained that. But regrouped foods into storage trays according to my convenience.

     Second bottom shelf is for keeping most used kitchen appliances: multicooker and rice cooker. I put there rice storage too, it’s still about rice, right?

     Bottom shelf content has almost no changes, so beauty essential oils and herbs remained in place. I also added a tissue paper storage to bottom shelf. Well, can we consider it under beauty category?

Here it is, kitchen rack after decluttering!

Decluttering: Kitchen Rack

     Yes, you can say that – still not perfectly organized.
     Still cluttered? No!
     Ok, I see it’s not the top of perfection… I didn’t dare to discard all the stuff, but plenty I did. At least first decluttering attempt is done –  my dream for this rack. Oh, and I can see all the stuff from a glance!


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