Decluttering: Feeling Guilty Discarding Things

    Decluttering: Feeling Guilty Discarding Things

     I wonder am I only one feeling guilty and pity when trying to declutter the house? I noticed very often I feel so pity when I’m picking things to discard. Even though I do not have any special feelings about the thing and know I do not really have to use it, I may have a feeling of guilt for deciding to get rid of it.

     Maybe this is because of my natural tendency to store things. Over years I put aside things which I do not intend to use, put them deep into boxes, drawers, storages thinking I might use it one day. Finally I accumulated so many unnecessary things that I have no place to store anything else. Also clutter seriously affects my ability to take care and clean the house. It become extremely hard and time taking to move all the things and storages around just to clean.

     So recently my patience get exceeded and I decided to throw everything I don’t need and haven’t used for years. But when I see a pile of stuff prepared for discarding – yes, I have guilty feeling.

     Why is it so?

     One of the reasons is I have to discard lots of things in a good condition, just because they take space and I don’t use them anyway. How I managed to overcome this is to give a second life to those things: donate them to charity, sell, sometimes I bring some things to the office and pass to colleague willing to take them. Idea is to let someone else use it since I do not. Doing so calms my worries that I’m not making use of a good thing.

     Another reason making me feel pity during decluttering is that I realize how much I could have saved if I don’t buy that things. This was really awakening and make me reconsider my approach to shopping. If earlier I could buy some things I like in the store just to try or because I liked it (yes, impulsive buy), totally not thinking whether I really need it or not, then now I realize I really have absolutely EVERYTHING I need and my trips to the shops almost gone. I still may drop by a store but now I noticed every time I see something and a thought to buy it crawls to my head, I immediately think where and how I will store it, whether I already have any equivalent or substitute at home (sure I have!) and “Do I really need it?”. The last question usually resolves all my doubts and I leave the store without any purchase.

     Even though sometimes I have guilty feeling during decluttering, so far it never happened I really regret about anything discarded. To me it happened once I had thrown some small thing to which I couldn’t find a way to use and remembered soon when I might use it for storage, but I easily found an equal substitute and stopped regretting.

     So my observation is if thing was not used for a long time, if there is no actual intention to use the thing and it does not have any sentimental value making you feel good, it can be discarded. Ideas like “I might use it one day” at least for me do not work but only encourage clutter growing, so I consider those things unnecessary and part with them.

     Please let me know what are your feelings about decluttering! Is it easy for you or gives you pity feeling as well? Does decluttering make caring of the house easier? Feel free to comment below!


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