Decluttering: Expired Make Up

     Decluttering: Expired Make Up

     I love everything related to beauty, and make up is no exception.
I have a good range of make up, different products, brands, many are high-quality from department stores. I was able to accumulate a good collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows, however I use
d on a regular basis only a few of them. Others were just kept. Just in case. What if I may want to use them?

ecently I was really shocked by discovery: expiry date of open make-up products differs from the date stated on the pack (that date is only for brand-new unopen product). And it’s shorter than I might even expect!

     Open lipsticks, glosses, foundations and other creamy type make up products can be kept after opening for only around a year. After that product gets spoilt, sometimes even becomes smelly and has to be discarded.

     Powdery type make up products like powders, eyeshadows, powder blushes and so on have to be used within 3 years after opening. All older than that may have unhealthy impact to the skin and recommended to discard.

     This was surprising news. Most of my make up collection exceeded recommended use period and have to be thrown (sigh!).

     To be fair, I do feel upset I wasted money buying them and not using.
But it also gives me some feel of relief.
First, because it does not weigh in my mind that I have so many products and not sure when I can use them all!
Second – yes, because I’m able to release a physical space from unnecessary products. I might not dare to throw most of my make up for other reasons, even realizing products are unnecessary. But now I have a fair reason to release the space they took and be more conscious when buying any make up in future.

Well, I still have make up – but now it’s only new products I bought within past several months and using regularly. All outdated items I can throw without any regret, and no unnecessary stocking anymore!

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