Decluttering Session: Discarding Shoes

Decluttering: Tidying-up Shoe Rack and Discarding Shoes

Why do I need suddenly to start discarding shoes?

     That’s probably common to own more than 1 pair of shoes.
     I own more than 1.
     To be exact, it’s …12 pairs. Only for summer season.

     …I’m looking to the pile of shoes gathered on the floor. I wear regularly just several pairs of shoes, where is this pile from?

     I admit I used to believe and follow fashion urges like:
– Woman should have choices in her wardrobe;
– Not possible to have too many shoes/bags/dresses/accessories;
– Shopping is the best mood lifter.
      I know…I look like a victim of fashion marketing. To be honest, so was I.
      I thought everything is alright…until my wardrobe closet became a cluttered chaotic mess. Frankly, the entire house, not wardrobe only.

     Every weekend I used to buy something new. Shopping was the main entertainment I saw for weekends.
     And the next day opening my wardrobe I wonder why I don’t like anything.
I didn’t realize I felt upset with the messy wardrobe closet.

     But now I understand. It’s mistaken approach to quantity instead of quality.
      Suffering from clutter, spending money on unnecessary things, feeling unsatisfied with results…Finally a bulb is going off around now – more and more I become interested in rather minimalistic approach to the wardrobe.
      I’m decluttering clothing, accessories, bags. And now discarding shoes!

     Among all I actually can make use only of 6 pairs. Some on weekends, some on weekdays or special events. And that’s it! The rest is going to be discarded.

     I took out all the shoes and found pieces about which I didn’t remember! All this time they were sitting on the rack in wardrobe taking the space. Better late than never, so now I’m going to part with them.

Decluttering Session: Discarding Shoes

     Many are quite new and worn just several times.

Then why am I discarding shoes which are new?

     I admit, many were bought on a whim. Result of impulsive buy. Though, aside just being surplus each pair has its drawback making it easy to part with.

     After decluttering rack became more spacious, all remaining shoes fitted properly. It’s no longer 12 relaxed pairs, but 6 hard working ones.
Amount of shoes reduced twice, but I didn’t lose a single necessary pair. The only what has gone from the rack is clutter.


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