Decluttering Desk Space (and Discarding stuff)

Decluttering Desk Space

Many houses have their own clutter spots.
Places where you put something unintentionally and just forget to clear it later.
One of mine is under desk space.

Decluttering Desk Space

I kept procrastinating decluttering desk space because this area is not really on display. Cannot see – cannot know! – my motto for hidden clutter spots.

I pushed under unintentionally put and left how it is forgot to remove: exercise mat, storage box with necklaces collection, shoulder bag, camera bag. Certainly, under desk is the best place for all of them! Especially piled up on the floor.

Decluttering desk space:

One by one I take everything out from under desk insides.

Exercise mat. I don’t recall when I used it last time. Definitely more than a year ago. Over a year ago we shifted to new place, and I didn’t use it a single time here. Then I just discard it.

Storage box. As many of my impulsive buys, I bought it on sale just because it had promotion price and I liked it. Is it a serious reason that I should own it?
That time I thought it was, and it ended up in my shopping basket.
Now I do not care neither about it’s attractive sale price nor why I suddenly wanted it. What I care now is that it takes space and I do not use it.
Well, I will discard most of its content but will remain empty storage till the end of house decluttering overhaul. If I need to store something inside I will do. Otherwise I may sell or donate it.

Shoulder bag. Yup, every time I come home, I put my shoulder bag under the desk…
Moment of understanding.
I gets clear why my quite new bags get dusty and worn out that fast.
Ok, I allocate some space in the wardrobe to treat them more careful.

Camera bag. Why under the desk? I didn’t find a place where to put it and just throw carefully put below.
I will keep it nearby shoulder bags in the wardrobe. Also a bag, right?

After decluttering done I can enjoy a view…of a dust! Oh no. I know I know, what else I could expect when never clutter the place and never broom it. Time to correct it.

Decluttering session is over:

And now finally, enjoy moment! Under desk is cleared (oh, I will miss a storage box below used to rest my feet when I’m working:-), no longer a clutter spot.

Decluttering Desk Space
Secret thought – now my job is to sustain it well and not clutter again.
will try to put an efforts to it🙂


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