Decluttering (And Cleaning): Bathroom

     decluttering bathroom

     I always thought wardrobe is my messiest area in the house… Oh, dear, how much you pleased yourself!

     …After I have done basic cleaning of the toilet area, I noticed sink ledge is full of moisture. Is it mold?

decluttering bathroom

     Oh, that’s fine! It happens to bathrooms sometimes, isn’t it? Ok, I will spend a few more minutes to wipe it.

     After I removed storage boxes from the ledge, I stunned. Water accumulated under the boxes and mold was everywhere. Do I still think my wardrobe is the most untidy place?

     That’s the time I realized I need to re-focus all the attention and actions to declutter and clean bathroom area. Right now.

     I read a good advice from different sources: no point to start cleaning until you finish tiding.

     Cleaning deals with dust and dirt, tiding (in other words decluttering) – with unnecessary stuff. It’s just time-wasteful to try cleaning clutter.

     Well, I liked the advice…because got excuse not to clean. And there are some areas in the house (like bathroom!) which I was intentionally avoided to tidy up. They are so cluttered, I even couldn’t think what to do with all the stuff there!

     But one thing I underestimated.
     Well, clutter in the wardrobe is about inconvenience and bad closet look.
      Clutter in the bathroom is about hygiene. It causes water accumulation and mold growing.

     That day my intention to do a little cleaning ended up with major decluttering.
      I realized I MUST keep bathroom dry. All the stuff from the ledges have to be relocated to the cupboard.
But cupboard is already full with other stuff! 

decluttering bathroom

What to do? Exactly!

decluttering bathroom

     Most of the stuff goes into trash bag.
     Don’t know what habit is that, but I used to keep all not needed things in the cupboards out of sight. And those which I need and use – within a reach, near the sink in this case. Isn’t it convenient? I can see everything at a glance, can pick what I need quick!

    Oh no, my moldy sink ledge says for bathroom it does not work. I had to place all the necessary stuff into the cupboard and keep it away from water.

     Ledge will not be used for permanent storage anymore. And after each use I must wipe it thoroughly with the towel – the only thing I’m going to keep near the sink.

    In the end I was able to see the difference:

decluttering bathroom

     decluttering bathroom

     Ok ok, not Pinterest perfect. I see I’m yet to clean the sink and tiles. I didn’t really organize much, just put everything into shelves. But it’s progressing! And I still can see where is one or another thing.

     Guys, if you have any tips, please let me know in the comments below! I will be interested to know how you handle your bathrooms, keep it dry or organize its stuff.

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